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Choosing your Style?

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CrescentCrux said...
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The worst thing I find about games if trying to find how to play my style. There are the basic style of Tank, support, Stealth and power attacker but I use a mix of them when I play. I try and take a quiet lighter and fast approach into things; But my weapons aren't always the quiet ones. Take R6:V 1 and 2. I always wore medium light armour, My primary was a sniper rifle or assault rifle with a scope and I always used a Heavy Machine Gun as a secondary Unless it got close which I'd go Shotgun (but even then I used the HMG anyways). Fallout? Give me a shot gun and sneak, with Lincoln's repeater as my backup. Chrome hounds I'd run a medium Mech with a sniper rifle and several machine guns or assault rifles in the same group so I could Distance snipe people (or as back up a 2x2 barrel heavy cannons). Mass effect had me stick with Assault rifle only because the sniper rifle was to unwieldy in most of the confined spaces. Killing floor had me as a sharp shooter most of the time, or as the support with a shotgun. Now I'm playing borderlands and I'm finding I want to combine Siren and Soldier together (turret up, go stealth! ahahaha... oh wait...). I don't know, It may just be me but Mixed styles don't work to well in most games; or if I make them work Most people Think I'm crazy... But some on Who heard me after I kill a man from long distance with a single burst from my HMG or a single shot off from my pistol? Its not My fault I can shoot properly right? Ah Well Off to rampage the wastes!
Mass Effect

Mass Effect (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 20/NOV/07
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Squad-Based Shooter
Release Date: 18/MAR/08
Chrome Hounds

Chrome Hounds (X360)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Giant Robot Simulation
Release Date: 11/JUL/06
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Squad-Based Shooter
Release Date: 21/NOV/06
Fallout 3

Fallout 3 (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/First-Person Action RPG
Release Date: 28/OCT/08

Borderlands (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 26/OCT/09
Killing Floor

Killing Floor (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 31/AUG/09
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I too like to recon before acting (I'm mostly talking of Fallout 3 here).
In Fallout 3, I almost always wander in Stealth mode, and strike from hidden position for a powerful sneak critical attack of awesome super destructive power. Then plant some mines, sneak away, and laugh.
But sometimes, it's a better use of my time to save, run, die, reload. The second time around, I know where the enemies are and where I need to start being stealthy.
In addition, I'm a very poor shot, it takes me something like 1 second to properly aim. And it's worse on the console.

On more traditional FPS, I'm an even poorer shot, so I just run around and shoot while trying to outlive my opponent. Or I sneak, but that's not feasible in many games (L4D, CS).

In Mass Effect, I like to use the shotgun at point blank range, because good aiming is less important. Yeah, that involves a lot of exposure, but with good choice of armor (I always prefer good shield over damage reduction) and proper use of cover, it works very well.
In Oblivion I was strait Bow and dagger for stealth sleep kills (no Dual wield?), i had a long sword as a backup but that was it. But Oblivion had the problem of X-ray vision of DOOOOM which made my life bad till I got a few mods to make it a bit more realistic (and one that gave me exploding arrows of doom... but that was for a cheat character). WoW was a first change to that. I like Pally, Rouge, and Hunter. mostly focusing on DPS or Attack speed. For games with talking or cunning I always choose that way; If I can talk my way out and then talk my way into them giving me money, Why not?

I loved assassins creed, There was weapons to focus on all zones of attack, and stealth with climbing explore... AS2 hurry up!

The main thing i find in games that i don't see are Katar's and Jur's. I'd love to just run around with a pair and stab people...
I never played AS, but I love Splinter Cell (haven't played Double Agent, though).
I also love dual wield: in NWN2 my favorite character was a dual shortsword rogue who would outdamage any other combatant. Even without sneak attack, he had many sorts of extra damage on his weapons, so he would plow easily through almost any enemy. And with sneak attack (improved invisibility FTW), it's lolwut? OMGWTFBBQ! Arghhh!
Well, ok, he wouldn't outdamage the average sorceror, but he compensated with the ability to stay alive through almost anything.
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